Five Herbs To Grow On Your Windowsill

For big city dwellers whose thumbs are only green from jamming them between doors, gardens are not a common luxury. The idea of growing fruits and veggies in your own backyard is appealing, but for many of us, impossible. However, with Spring in full bloom all you need is a windowsill and some natural sunlight to grow your favorite herbs! Potted greens in the window are an easy and practical way to grow the herbs you always find yourself buying at the grocery store every couple of weeks. They can enhance the taste and quality of your dishes, plus freshen up your house or apartment with a delicious aroma.

Here are five favorite herbs to grow in your windowsill this Spring:


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Basil actually grows better indoors than in a garden, so there’s a good start. It needs light and moisture, so begin from seeds and place the pot in a windowsill where lots of sun and warmth is sure to come through. You’ll love having fresh basil to add to your homemade pasta dishes!



Parsley is such a versatile herb and can be used in so many recipes from soups to casseroles to simple garnish for elaborate plates. Luckily its easy use is matched by its easy growth, as long as you have a deep pot for its long tap root. Place the seeds in the pot and set in a window sill to catch the morning light – in no time you’ll have an essential kitchen ingredient ready for sprinkling.



Fresh oregano is a perfect addition to pasta sauce or homemade pizza, plus keeping it dried is great for adding an extra touch of flavor for all kinds of other dishes. Oregano is another easy herb to grow in your window sill. Keep it facing south and use a pot with a drainage hole as oregano is most commonly killed by overwatering.



Rosemary is often thought of as a “magic herb” because of its numerous health benefits in addition to its flavor capacity. From roasted potatoes to scrambled eggs and more, rosemary is a must have kitchen ingredient. So why not grow it right in your own home? All you need are some seeds, a window sill with direct sunlight and a terracotta pot to help the soil dry between watering.


Mmm…mint. It’s refreshing, it’s good for you, it’s easy to grow. Whether you need a sprig of mint as garnish or flavor for a fabulous cocktail, or a hint of mint for a cup of tea, having this herb on hand in the kitchen will change your cooking life. Set your potted plant in a windowsill to receive early morning light, and keep away from dry heating elements.

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