Beans in Beantown: Top 10 Places to Veg out in Boston

We know a guy who, when eating out, will order a massive slab of steak with a pat of butter and make his girlfriend order the salad. When the food comes they switch plates. But no longer will he have to suffer the embarrassment and shame of craving greens over steak. According to GQ, “The vegetable era has arrived.” Vegetables as the main course is becoming more common, and more delicious. To help you (and our ill-fated salad diner) adjust, here are our favorite restaurants where you can get your herbivore swerve on and veg out in Boston.

 1. My Thai Vegan Café

Veg out in Boston

My Thai Vegan Cafe

You get a lot of food for your buck served with the best bubble tea you’ve had in a while.

2. Grasshopper

Veg out in Boston


They have an insane menu (so many options) and delectable vegan cheesecake.

 3. The Elephant Walk

Veg out in Boston

The Elephant Walk

This French-Cambodian fusion is hot-date-worthy.

 4. Milk Street Café

Veg out in Boston

Milk Street Cafe

This spot is open for breakfast and dinner and serves kosher dishes as well as vegetarian ones.

5. Freshii

Veg out in Boston


Fast food that won’t make you sick and lying in a lethargic haze wondering what was actually in those chicken nuggets, brilliant.

6. Lucy Ethiopian Café

Veg out in Boston

Lucy Ethiopian Cafe

Odds are you’ve never experienced Ethiopian food, and this restaurant has some great vegan options.

7. El Pelón Taquería

Veg out in Boston

El Pelón Taquería

There are a lot of vegetarian options and the burritos may indeed make you faint.

8. Blunch

Veg out in Boston


Their veggie burgers are awesome, and after you’ve patted yourself on the back for eating vegetables, reward yourself with the best chocolate chip cookie ever.

9. Cocobeet

Veg out in Boston


Cocobeet goes a step further than vegan and has raw offerings on the menu.

10. Rhythm ‘n Wraps

Veg out in Boston

Rhythm ‘n Wraps

This mobile eatery has an all-vegetarian menu.

About the Author: Fernando Bendana'