City Beats: The Best Food and Music Pairings in Las Vegas

The right music makes food taste better and science is here to prove it! According to a study done by University of Arkansas psychologists, there is a strong correlation between the food you eat and the music you love. So Jimmy Buffett wasn’t kidding when he sang about that Cheeseburger in Paradise!

In previous entries we told you about the best music and food pairings, including the best brunch in San Francisco and Miami’s Cuban pastries. Today we take a look at some of the best food and tunes Sin City has to offer. We promise these pairings will leave you singing Viva Las Vegas!

Album: The Killers’ Battle Born

Vegas Restaurant: Michael Mina, Bellagio

City Beats Las Vegas

The Killers and Michael Mina, Bellagio

The band that defines the sound of 21st century Las Vegas, The Killers offer a flashy, superficial, new-wave Pop that is either ingeniously, hilariously self-aware or disturbingly, ignorantly sincere. Either way, their most accomplished album, 2012’s Battle Born, offers a set of tunes perfect for a nighttime drive through the Nevada desert. And when you get tired of sand in your tires, there’s no better stopping place than Michael Mina at the Bellagio. The seafood-in-the-desert concept is a strange one, but the glitz and glam of the celeb chef’s eponymous restaurant is made up for by quality meals and excellent service.

Album: Ne-Yo’s In My Own Words

Vegas Restaurant: Aureole, Mandalay Bay

City Beats Las Vegas

Ne-Yo and Aureole, Mandalay Bay

Ne-Yo’s debut album In My Own Words stands out among its contemporaries because of the singer’s songwriting craft and genuine emotion. That’s not something you find much of in Vegas, but when you do it’s a gem. Aureole at Mandalay Bay offers exquisite contemporary American cuisine that pairs best with Ne-Yo’s record because of the elegant offerings of both.

Album: Frank Sinatra Jr.’s That Face!

Vegas Restaurant: Joel Robuchon, MGM Grand

City Beats Las Vegas

Frank Sinatra Jr. and Joel Robuchon, MGM Grand

No place does facsimile like Vegas! Frank Sinatra Jr.’s That Face! is unique for one reason, it’s absolutely not! Sporting also-ran vocals in the style of the elder Sinatra, Jr.’s record is a throwback to one of the greats of the Vegas scene. However, while it’s not as good as the original, it is wrapped up in an elegant and tasteful package. That’s why it makes perfect listening for dining at the luxurious Joel Robuchon at the MGM Grand, where the décor and cuisine will make you believe in The Entertainment Capital of the World.

Album: Blue Man Group’s The Complex

Vegas Restaurant: Andre’s, Monte Carlo

City Beats Las Vegas

Blue Man Group and Andre’s, Monte Carlo

Their most mainstream album to date – relatively speaking – Blue Man Group’s The Complex sports a cavalcade of Pop stars and traditional instrumentation, making it something of a departure for the experimental band. But anything the Blue Man Group does will sound different from anything you’ve ever heard, so tone it down with a traditional meal pairing like Andre’s at the Monte Carlo. Sure, you’ve probably had most of these traditional American dishes before, but nothing can compete with the quality of Andre’s.

Album: Elvis Presley’s That’s the Way it Is

Vegas Restaurant: Voodoo Lounge, Rio

City Beats Las Vegas

The King and Voodoo Lounge, Rio

Who are we kidding? The all-you-can-eat Village Seafood Buffet is downstairs. Go there instead and eat like the King.

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