Gouda News: It’s Raining Grilled Cheese in New York City!

Imagine, if you will, an ethereal object floating down to you from the heavens. When it arrives, you find a parachute toting your grilled cheese lunch.

Jafflechute via Fastcompany.com

Jafflechute via Fastcompany.com

Already a thing in Austrailia, Jafflechute (jaffle is Aussie lingo for grilled cheese) has been funded, and parachute-delivered grilled cheese sandwiches are coming to North America. According to Today.com, the parachutes will start falling in New York City mid-May (weather permitting). How it works: you prepay for your grilled cheese (cheese and tomato or ham and cheese) via PayPal, go to the designated location, stand on the X and chow down.

The whimsical creators of the project aren’t looking for (and don’t expect) a huge profit, but want to have fun and keep the project going for as long as it remains fun. With a firm profit-neutral stance, this is not their first foray into merriment-driven business schemes. They have previously done “SelfieSketchup,” which offered free, instant selfie sketches, and “Giftidear” which was a free service that gave ideas to people who were stuck on what to gift someone.

The Australian company is starting their North American adventure with 1,000 hand-made parachutes in New York City. The more popular the jafflechutes are, and the more fun the makers of Jafflechutes have, the more likely it is that the magic will spread and visit more cities.

Follow them on Twitter (@jafflechutes) for updates and how to get your own toasty, cheesy bundle from heaven.

About the Author: Fernando Bendana