Rok:Brgr Miami, Your Playoff Destination for the Mouth-Watering Miami Heat Burgers

It’s that time of year again, the Miami Heat are in the playoffs. As Heat fans ourselves, we’re buzzing with excitement over the prospect of a “three-peat.” As the playoffs progress, and with the Heat tying the Indiana Pacers in game two last night, Heat Nation grows hungry for another dominant performance.

Being a fan can take a lot out of you; it requires a lot of energy to cheer for LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and the crew as they battle it out against the best teams in the league. Luckily, we’ve found sustenance with team spirit at Rok:Brgr Miami in the form of specially crafted/themed Miami Heat burgers.

King James Burger

King James Burger

Stop in and order the mouth-watering burger “King James.” Topped with with creamy brie, duroc pork belly, red onion marmalade and truffle aioli, this burger is sure to have your taste buds (and you) cheering into overtime.

D-Wade Burger

D Wade Burger

Ever wonder how Dwyane Wade is able to excel in the final seconds, when being clutch is critical to winning the game? This protein packed “D Wade Burger” offers us some insight, as it includes manchego cheese, chorizo, fried egg and truffle aioli.

Bosch Burger

Bosh Burger

Bosh is a big man, and it probably takes a lot to fill him up. With this in mind, the “Bosh Burger” consists of: baby swiss, exotic mushrooms, caramelized onions and truffle oil. This will definitely keep you satisfied as the series heats up.

Birdman Sandwich

Birdman Sandwich

Understanding that burgers are not for everyone, Rok:Brgr got creative with one slam-dunk of a sandwich named after Chris Anderson. “The Birdman Sandwich” is a grilled chicken breast covered with chipotle gouda cheese, smoked bacon, roasted corn and black bean salsa.

If these white hot burgers aren’t enough to send you to Rok:Brgr immediately, did I mention that during every Heat playoff game, each of these burgers is just $10? Yeah, it’s our new Heat game hangout, too.

Let’s go Heat!

About the Author: Fernando Bendana'