The Most Expensive Starbucks Drink Ever Made

If you’re one of those people who stop at Starbucks way too often, you probably have a gold card in your wallet. You know, the one they sent you in the mail after you hit that hundred, thousand, (million?) drink mark. It’s even personalized with your name. Hopefully they spelled it right. Maybe you remember the glory days, when gold card holders actually got the privilege of soy milk and an extra shot at no-charge and every 15th drink was free. These perks are long gone, but at least it’s every 12th drink free these days.

Enter this crazy dude named Andrew-from-Dallas.

It’s time for that magical 12th drink, and he knows it. So he’s going to order the single most expensive Starbuck’s drink ever made. Andrew-from-Dallas, armed with a 128-ounce glass, explained to the baristas that he had seen this YouTube video where some idiot orders something totally ridiculous as his free drink (at the hefty price $47.30) and he was taking it to the next level (gonna hit the $50 mark). As it turned out, the baristas were on his team. Together, they concocted the Sexagintuple Vanilla Bean Mocha Frappuccino.

Sounds good already.

The 55-shot drink took about ten minutes to make (much teamwork) and Andrew-from-Dallas proceeded to have a few sips, and saved the rest for later. (Smart boy.) Here’s what it looked like:

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