4 Restos, 1 Day: Seattle

After making that stop in Forks, Washington that you will tell NO ONE about, you will need to stay fed during your big day in Seattle. These restaurants will keep you happy and full, and make up for your disappointment in missing out on a vampire sighting.

Breakfast: Portage Bay Café

4 Restos, 1 Day: Seattle

Portage Bay Café

Portage Bay Café serves organic breakfast, brunch and lunch, and this is a place you’ll be happy you started your day with. They have hearty breakfasts served with homemade bread. But if you like to spend your morning on a bit of a sugar high, their buckwheat pancakes are excellent.

Lunch: Il Corvo Pasta

4 Restos, 1 Day: Seattle

Il Corvo Pasta

You may think you love pasta, but if you’ve never had perfect, handmade pasta, you don’t even know. Il Corvo Pasta makes all of their own pastas, and does them justice by pairing them with the best sauces and toppings. The ordering process is extremely streamlined for lunchtime efficiency, so don’t let the long lines scare you off.

Dinner: Radiator Whiskey

4 Restos, 1 Day: Seattle

Radiator Whiskey

Radiator Whiskey is a great place to start winding down your day. They have big servings and a happy hour that will make you smile and think to yourself “Gee, Seattle sure is magical.” You have to be a meat lover to really appreciate all this place has on offer, though. You can even call beforehand (as it takes days to prepare and is in limited quantities) and reserve half a pig’s head to be delivered to your table.

Dessert: Pie Bar

4 Restos, 1 Day: Seattle

Pie Bar

If you didn’t quench your thirst at happy hour, go to Pie Bar for a Pie-tini with your slice of dessert. Pie Bar is owned by twin sisters, one is a baker and the other a mixologist. The place is quaint and adorable, and you while you’re going to town on your apple pie, you might make a new friend sitting at the bar.

About the Author: Fernando Bendana