Belgian Restaurants in San Francisco: World Cup Research

With the world cup game between the U.S. and Belgium on Thursday this week, we need every advantage we can get. So here I devised a couple places to go to research the enemy. They all happen to be restaurants in San Francisco but food says a lot about the culture. So support U.S. and go to these places to get some inside information and report back with what your learned. So when you see a victory on Thursday just know you helped orchestrate that win.

1. La Trappe Cafe

This Belgian bistro, located on Russian Hill is the first stop in this research project. With two seating rooms, the upstairs offers a casual dining spot, while the downstairs provides an intimate candlelit diner with brick and unique wall coverings. We suggest trying the Stewed Leg of Rabbit (braised rabbit cooked slowly in cherries, dark and red sour ales, shallots, garlic, fresh thyme, whole clove and bay leaf served with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables). Is rabbit the Belgian secret to success? Please find out immediately.

2. The Monk’s Kettle

At The Monk’s Kettle, the dining area is reminiscent of a vintage diner. The menu can be seen written on chalkboards and behind the bar is a wall of various glass cups. With over 24 beers to choose from, this gastro-pub can get crowded easily due to the limited seating. Let your beer love take flight and try as many Belgian beers as possible, remember this is work not play.

3. Frjtz

The dining area at Frjtz is very busy. The walls feature a black crisscross pattern against a white wall, the kitchen can be seen from the seating area, and the packed seating arrangement usually filled with guests leads to loud and crowded experience. None of this is bad, this is what Frjtz is about. This inexpensive sandwich shop is a great place to grab a crepe and some more information.

4. Golden Waffle

This might take some extra work, but this is how promotions happen. Driving around San Fran is the Golden Waffle food truck serving up delicious desserts and snacks. Get a Belgian waffle with basically every great combination atop of  it. The Belgian waffle is normally saved for breakfast, but at the golden waffle it is a sugary snack; could this be the energy provider the USA needs?

About the Author: Fernando Bendana'