Five Reasons to Start Juicing Today

So juicing is much more than just the Foodie Fad of the Year. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s time to start. I’m not talking a full-on cleanse just yet – just a little bit of juice each day. Here are five reasons why you need to start juicing now. (If anything, it looks pretty, doesn’t it?)


1. An Easy Way to Eight

So we all know it’s not always easy to fulfill that quota of eight fruits and veggies a day. Especially when you’re on the run. In a single glass of raw juice, you can get an entire day’s worth of fruit/veggie nutrients. And, of course, you can take it with you.

2. Increased Absorbency

When you drink juice, your body starts to get better at absorbing nutrients. When the juice is extracted, you’re left with nothing but liquid vitamins. With no plant fibers to get in the way, your body can easy digest the substance and soak up all the nutritious goodness!

3. Diversity

Since you’re always going to by juicing more than one fruit or veggie at a time, there’s lots of room to get creative. Of course, different fruits and veggies provide your body with different vitamins, and the combinations are endless when it comes to juice. Who knows, you might even discover something totally delicious along the way!

4. Hydration

If you don’t have a magical water purifying machine in your office like we do, you probably don’t drink enough liquids. Juice counts toward your quota of non-caffeinated, unsweetened drinks, and once you begin reaching that requirement, your whole body will begin to function more efficiently. Hello energy and natural detox!

5. Taste

After only a few days of decreasing your intake of simple sugars, your taste buds come alive. No, seriously. You’ll no longer crave that big bar of milk chocolate after lunch, because an apple will sufficiently satisfy your sweet tooth. Go ahead, give it a try.

About the Author: Lindsey Singer


Elsie is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsyvania; her writing has appeared in a few university publications, under tables and on the sides of trains. She likes taking Polaroid pictures and planning rooftop picnics.