Orange is the New Black Food Truck is At Large

It wasn’t even 10 years ago when you could spend your lazy Friday night checking out some DVDs at the video store, buying a bunch of over-processed, teeth-rotting and very likely out-of-date candy and popcorn, and then heading home to consume it all until your sugar rush died down and you passed out with the TV still on. But then Netflix came around and ruined an American tradition. Now you can watch entire seasons of your favorite TV shows until your eyes bleed, with nary a crumb of unhealthy snack food to fill your aching belly.

But luckily, the Orange is the New Black food truck is here to change all that.

We Hope Your OITNB Food Truck Experience is Better Than This Hers

We Hope Your OITNB Food Truck Experience is Better Than This Hers

The truck, called Crazy Pyes, is based on the popular Netflix original series about a group of female prison inmates and their day-to-day happenings at the Riverhead Correctional Facility in Suffolk County, NY. Fans of the show will note that the name of the truck is derived from some of the outrageous food references made by the characters, as well as a certain individual known as Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren.

The best part of Netflix’s latest promotional campaign? The food is all free! The truck is handing out fruit-flavored pies and chocolate/vanilla swirl ice cream to lucky fans. But only if you can find it, of course.

The OITNB food truck will be hitting the streets of New York starting June 12, with plans for other cities throughout the country later this month. Those dates have not yet been announced.

Here’s a look at the full New York schedule:

Thursday, June 12: 4-8 p.m.: Broome Street at West Broadway

Friday, June 13: 4-8 p.m.: Between 22th and 23rd streets, near Madison Square Park

Saturday, June 14: 2-6 p.m.: Williamsburg, Brooklyn, at North 7th St.

Sunday, June 15: 1-5 p.m.: West side of Central Park near Columbus Circle

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