Summer Ice Cream Party: Top 10 Ice Cream Shops in NYC

This week we’re sharing our favorite ice cream shops in New York, because New York is hot. Really hot. Especially at the peak of summer when every man, woman, child and tourist are pounding the pavement right along with you. Go cool off with some delicious ice cream in the city!

1. Big Gay Ice Cream

Ice Cream Shops

The Bea Arthur at Big Gay Ice Cream

Big Gay Ice cream specializes in soft serve ice cream with lots of fun toppings and flavor combinations. But they are real heroes because they sell an ice cream sandwich called the “Rue McClanahan,” and an ice cream cone called the “Bea Arthur.” The Golden Girls was the best thing to ever happen to television, or America.

2. Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream

Ice Cream Shops

Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream

Van Leeuwen takes a lot of pride in using the best, all natural ingredients, and being environmentally conscious. Between their ice cream trucks and pop up ice cream shops, you have plenty of opportunities to try their Earl Grey ice cream served with a spoon made from corn husk.

3. Melt Bakery

Ice Cream Shops

Melt Bakery

Melt Bakery specializes in, wait for it, ice cream sandwiches! Go relive your childhood summer of forever licking the chocolate cookie that clung to your fingers while enjoying an ice cream sandwich.

4. Sundaes and Cones

Ice Cream Shops

Sundaes and Cones

This place serves some of the most interesting ice cream flavors you could imagine — Corn and Tiramisu — and has some of the cutest ice cream cakes in creation.

5. Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

Ice Cream Shops

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

CICF offers ice cream inspired by Chinese flavors like Red Bean and Black Sesame. They also serve what they refer to as “exotic” flavors, which include Strawberry and Rocky Road.

6. Luca & Bosco

Ice Cream Shops

Luca & Bosco

Luca & Bosco strives for all natural ingredients and makes a product that is less sweet so flavors can really come through. The shop is named after the owners’ so-cute-you-could-just-die dogs, which is also good incentive to stop by.

7. Victory Garden

Ice Cream Shops

Victory Garden

All of Victory Garden’s ice creams are made from locally sourced goat milk. It’s definitely pricier than most ice cream shops, but their salted caramel is worth it.

8. Ralph’s Famous Italian Ices

Ice Cream Shops

Ralph’s Famous Italian Ice

A good Italian ice place with a seemingly endless list of flavors is a gem that should be cherished. When ice cream shops are seasonal and closed for business during the winter, it only makes them more valuable.

9. M’o Gelato

Ice Cream Shops

M’o Gelato

M’o has some of the creamiest, most authentic gelato in the city.

10. Ray’s Candy Store

Ice Cream Shops

Ray’s Candy Store

There are a ton of delicious things on the menu. Have some Belgian fries with the best soft serve ever. It’s Friday somewhere, treat yourself. Ray may also become your new favorite human.

Check back next week to find out what are the best ice cream shops in Los Angeles!

About the Author: Fernando Bendana'