Top 10 Las Vegas Food Trucks

Are hoity-toity celebrity restaurants not really your thing? That’s fine, that’s totally cool. There is still a world of delicious food for you in Vegas. Here are our top 10 Las Vegas food trucks to satisfy your hunger for the streets, and French fries.

1. Curbside Cafe

Vegas Food Trucks

Curbside Cafe

Fried Calamari Tacos, we could weep.

2. Wa Da Pho

Vegas Food Trucks

Wa Da Pho

Wa Da Pho has fused Asian with more expected street foods, like Pho-Licious ‘Q’ Tacos, which are da bomb (sorry, could not resist).

3. Slidin’ Thru

Vegas Food Trucks

Slidin’ Thru

Slidin’ Thru serves great sliders, and we all love a good slider or five.

4. Sauced

Vegas Food Trucks


We’re all adults here so the only thing we are going to say about Sauced’s Big Easy Balls is that they are delicious.

5. Dragon Grille

Vegas Food Trucks

Dragon Grille

One way to judge a food truck is how well they handle their tacos, and Dragon Grille has Asian-Fusion tacos that are worthy of praise.

6. Rika Arepa Express

Vegas Food Trucks

Rika Arepa Express

Track this truck down in the morning when they are setting up shop and get an arepa fresh off the griddle.

7. Oso Ono Shaved Ice

Vegas Food Trucks

Oso Ono Shaved Ice

You didn’t know shaved ice could be like this. The ice is so finely shaved it’s fluffy.

8. Buldogis Gourmet Hot Dogs

Vegas Food Trucks

Buldogis Gourmet Hot Dogs

There is such a thing as gourmet hot dogs, and the dogs at Buldogis may be the best you’ll ever have.

9. The Redneck Kitchen

Vegas Food Trucks

The Redneck Kitchen

If you want to feel happy you have to put southern style food in your mouth. Might we suggest the Redneck Kitchen’s Buttermilk Pie?

10. Grouchy John’s Coffee

Vegas Food Trucks

Grouchy John’s Coffee

You don’t need sleep, you need Grouchy John’s Coffee. Trust us on this one.

About the Author: Fernando Bendana'