World Cup Cocktail: The Classic Caipirinha


By now you probably know about Brazil’s national cocktail. (That’s a thing? Countries have national cocktails? Brazil does, obviously.) Caipirinhas are perfect for summer – the most refreshing combination of lime juice, sugar, and cachaça you can imagine. And what better way to watch the World Cup than with the host country’s national cocktail in hand?

The word caipirinha is the familiar form for the word caipira, referring to someone from the countryside. It’s basically the equivalent of the American term hillbilly. (Really?) The sweet concoction is almost certainly derived from a remedy made for Spanish flu patients, traditionally containing lemon, garlic, and honey, and a little alcohol to expedite the therapeutic effects. One day someone decided to remove the garlic and honey and added a few tablespoons sugar to reduce the acidity of lime. Then came the ice to ward away the heat, and the Caipirinha as we know it was born. 

Here’s how to shake it up:


(For two)

  • 1 lime, quartered
  • 4 tsp. white sugar
  • 4 oz. cachaça
  • Sparkling water


In a shaker, muddle the quartered limes and sugar until all the juice is extracted from the limes and mixed with the sugar.

Add the cachaça and a few ice cubes and secure the shaker lid. Shake it!

Pour the cocktail over ice and top with a splash of sparkling water. Enjoy!


About the Author: Lindsey Singer


Elsie is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsyvania; her writing has appeared in a few university publications, under tables and on the sides of trains. She likes taking Polaroid pictures and planning rooftop picnics.