Burritobox Helps Usher in New Era of Vending Machines

We’re catching up to Japan with technology, America. Vending machines are evolving to more than just distributors of sad office and road trip snacks.

vending machines


According to Los Angeles Times, vending machines are being elevated to “gourmet” status. There are even machines that dispense caviar. I can’t think of a situation where the need for caviar would be urgent enough to make that machine very convenient either, but it’s nice to have the option.

While not as gourmet, LA residents do have the opportunity to experience these innovations in vending with a warm meal via the Burritobox. You feed the machine your money, make your selections, pay extra for sides, and in a minute you have a piping hot burrito. The reviews for the flavors are… mixed. We haven’t sampled Burritobox so we cannot provide the world with the definitive review, yet, but the idea is there.

The vending machine revolution will not stop with burritos. Sprinkles, in their Beverley Hills location, has a cupcake ATM in the works, and the creator of Burritobox is planning on releasing the Pizzabox (same concept as its predecessor). Because efforts to get vending machines out of schools have been fruitless, there is talk about keeping the machines and stocking them with healthy snacks. Jamba Juice already has their JambaGo machines in hundreds of schools.

And though it seems like all of these vending machines innovations are pure novelty and won’t last long, the concept could very well become a mainstay in everyday, hectic life. Or for people who want to have their needs met with as little human interaction as possible. Personally, I want a vending machine that dispenses groceries to barricade my front door with.

About the Author: Fernando Bendana