Consumer Reports Ranks Fast Food Chains: Results are Unbelievable

There is a reason why Taco Bell has been making you breakfast and Burger King has been making you burgers for breakfast. All of these ploys have been desperate attempts to hold on tight to your affections and loyalty.

 fast food chains

According to Consumer Reports, Americans really don’t love the fast food chains that helps give America such a glowing international reputation. In fact, McDonald’s was ranked last in the burger category in a survey Consumer Reports conducted to learn America’s preference in fast food. There are a couple plausible explanations for the U.S.’s sudden distaste for the fast food conglomerates. One is the public push for preservative free, natural food. Another explanation Consumer Reports stated is that the Millennial generation’s preference for higher quality food had Chipotle shoot up to the top of the Burritos list, leaving Taco Bell dead last.

But there are some areas in the survey that bring up questions of validity, namely Zaxby’s being third to last in the chicken category, coming behind Boston Market and Popeyes, which is just incorrect.

Gawker boldly asserted that, because Americans spend near $2 billion a day eating out, they were not being truthful when participating in the survey. If Americans did lie when taking the survey, they may have done so for the feeling of superiority, being above the chemical laden “food” that so many others give in to. Or it could have been a response to the shame culture festering around the consumption of fast food. Some participants may not have wanted to admit regularly visiting fast food chains, even if the survey is anonymous.

Whatever the case, what’s important for everybody to know is that I don’t eat fast food. Wendy’s doesn’t count because it’s not McDonald’s. And I never get burgers, only chocolate Frosties, so it means nothing.

About the Author: Fernando Bendana'