99 Park Opens in Downtown Bellevue

We all know that Seattle has some fantastic restaurants and diners, but 16 minutes out of Seattle is 99 Park, a restaurant set to change the Bellevue dining scene. Owner Micha Pittman told Seattle Magazine that “I think what we’re trying to do will help segregate Bellevue from what’s currently here and bring something new.”

99 Park

Bellevue wasn’t selected to host the restaurant by throwing a dart on a map. Aside from having good local produce to source from, Pittman said “there’s nothing like it on the east side.” Stewart appreciates the residents and feels like “we have the clientele, these highly-intelligent people, who are interested in food that we don’t have to preach to; we don’t have to preach to the converted about organics and sustainability and cooking locally and sourcing our products locally.”

99 Park stands out as the only stand-alone restaurant in the area, and has a view of Downtown Park from the patio. According to the Seattle Met, Executive Chef Quinton Stewart wants 99 Park “to be the kind of place where people come for anniversaries and for happy hours.” Stewart  said they want to “provide fine-dining, tablecloth service without the tablecloth.”

The upscale-yet-casual feel of the restaurant is reflected in the menu. The northwest inspired dishes range from grass-fed beef tartare and beef burgers to kale salad and grilled bok choy. There are plenty of seafood dishes to keep with the northwest style.

The 99 Park menu doesn’t rigidly adhere to one particular style, though. Stewart said “the common thread is we focus on great locally-sourced ingredients and just go wild with it.”

About the Author: Fernando Bendana