Bazaar Meats, The New Las Vegas Restaurant by Chef José Andrés

The SLS Hotel and Casino will be the home of chef José Andrés’ new restaurant Bazaar Meats. With your first couple of steps inside the restaurant you will notice the Bazaar Casino, with seating around a gambling pit where you can order select menu items.

Bazaar Meats

Bazaar Meats

If you want my advice: keep walking and head right to the dining room. You and I both know you aren’t trying to lose the money you came with to eat. The dining room will be able to seat up to 400 guests, with tables available for private dining. Bazaar Meat is just the latest additon in José Andrés’ restaurant empire, so we are hoping to see a couple of our previous favorites from the celebrity chef on the menu. Here is our list of hopeful double features:

1. Chorizo casero con puré de patatas al aceite de oliva

(Homemade traditional chorizo with olive oil potato purée and cider sauce) If there is one stable of tapas dining you can’t do without it is definitely Chrizo, and José Andrés cooks them to perfection.

2. Urfa Biftek

(Grilled Hanger steaks, traditional turkish ezme salata, walnuts, peppers, tomatoes.) Hanger steak has always been one of my favorite cuts and when paired with the traditional turkish ezme salata

3. Flamenquines

(Rock Spring Park pork roll filled with ibérico ham and cheese, breaded and deep-fried.) This dish is my deep-friend guilty pleasure. If this meal isn’t on the menu, the rest of dishes will become too salty due to all our tears.

4. Adana Kebab

(Ground Jamison farm Lamb, grilled tomatoes, sumac, harissa pita, pickled chiles.) I’m not particular about the lamb that is being used, but we truly hope that this item manages to find room on the Bazaar meats’ new menu due to its unique flavor combination.

5. Anything from Minibar

This place is a true tasting and sensual experience, and everything that has every been eaten and drank from this place gets five stars in our book. We would be truly surprised to not find any return features that were once served at the minibar.



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