Grant Achatz’s Next Charges $1,000 for Dinner for Two

Sometimes I like to imagine what I would do if I were a wealthy woman of means. I would travel the world, sample all types of expensive foods, hula-hoop in front of the corner store wearing a fur coat and a swimming cap because I could afford to be eccentric. But I can’t fathom using any of my millions for a thousand dollar dinner that doesn’t even have edible gold, no matter how delicious and life-changing it might be.


Next in Chicago is selling tickets for their latest and greatest “Trio” menu. According to Eater, if you and your dining companion have the Trio with drink pairings on a Sunday night your meal can run upwards of $1,000. The same meal on a Saturday would be $1,042.24. Why so expensive? I don’t know, I haven’t gotten a straight answer out of anybody.

The thousand dollar meal at Next isn’t a sudden and singular phenomenon. Next routinely does complete overhauls of their menus where a meal for two is guaranteed to not cost less than $371. But the pricing varies and adds up quickly.

Ryan Sutton from Bloomberg had the “Chicago Steak” menu at Next, spent over $700 and does not recommend the experience.

Sutton praised the restaurant, chef, servers, drinks and past menus but said the steakhouse menu was “boring.” That is criminal and absolutely ludicrous. No $700 meal should be underwhelming. Every bite should be incredible. Incomparable. Like a high-five from God. The words “slightly above-average” should not be applicable.

Until I am assured that a thousand dollar dinner will shatter my notions of what is delicious in this world (and cure me of my pollen allergy), I’ll just take my millions and order Jimmy Johns to my private island.

About the Author: Fernando Bendana'