Scallop Tiradito by Chef Makoto Okuwa of Makoto Bal Harbour

Chef Makoto of Makoto in Bal Harbour draws influence from various cuisines to add variation to his traditional Japanese dishes. Watch as he shows us how to prepare one of Makoto’s most popular dishes, Scallop Tiradito.

Tiradito is a Peruvian dish similar to carpaccio and sashimi traditionally made with raw fish or scallops. The difference lies in how the seafood is cut and the toppings that accompany it. Chef Makoto prepares the fresher than fresh scallops by removing them from the shell and slicing them paper thin. Traditional Tiradito toppings include sweet potatoes (in this case candied yams) and a hot pepper sauce. To top it all off, Chef Makoto showcases his creativity by garnishing the dish with a light and refreshing cucumber foam.

Join us again in the Makoto kitchen and watch Chef Makoto prepare his famous Toro Tartare.

About the Author: Aisling Rice


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