Four-Year-Old Is The World’s Cutest Restaurant Critic

Any foodie knows that The French Laundry is one of the best – if not the best – restaurants in the world. Thomas Keller’s small plates have impressed critics and the general public alike, garnering three Michelin stars. It was twice named the best restaurant in the world as part of The Restaurant Magazine’s annual Top 50 list.

Image courtesy The Bold Italic

Image courtesy The Bold Italic

But what happens when an adorable four-year-old is asked to review one of the most prestigious eateries on the planet? Well, let’s just say the phrases “It tastes like a Tinker Bell popsicle,” “To me, the chicken inside is a fluffy marshmallow” and “the most elegant bathroom I’ve ever seen,” get thrown around.

You can head over to The Bold Italic for the full review from the cutest food critic to come along since Duncan Hines started shelling out cake mixes at your local grocery store.

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