The 9 Best Places to Overeat in NYC

New York City is still in the midst of a penetrating debate over the amount of soda that can legally be sold. But some of our favorite joints in the Big Apple are still serving massive portions at a reasonable price, giving New Yorkers the biggest bang for their buck. Here are the best places to over-eat in the City that Never Sleeps.



Carmine’s is one NYC establishment that specializes in large. Large restaurant, large portions and best enjoyed by large groups, you can’t go wrong with this authentic Italian joint.

Tony’s DiNapoli

Tony Di Napoli

This place gets family-style right. With a loud and welcoming atmosphere, as well as some of the biggest portions in the Theater District, you can bet that Mom won’t be telling you that you’re all skin and bones anymore.

Sophie’s Cuban

sophie's cuban

This is the best lunch spot to get yourself overstuffed. Our favorite is the pernil sandwich. No, we won’t share.

Go! Go! Curry!

Go Go Curry

The Japanese are generally thought of as quite a compact people. Many wonder where all of that food they eat goes. Go! Go! Curry wants to help the world answer that question. If you practice enough, you might be able to eat like our personal hero, Kobiyashi.

Taverna Kyclades

Taverna K

Go ahead and eat as much as you want at this spot. You’ll burn plenty of calories waiting in the long line to be seated. Don’t worry, anyone in Astoria will tell you it’s worth the wait.

The Halal Guys

The Halal Guys

Here’s a food cart that will expand your waistline. The falafel and white sauce is the best in town. Sure it’s mostly chickpeas, but it’s fried, so it’s good for you!

Pio Pio

Pio Pio

Not only will you get stuffed at this Peruvian joint, but the menu is as fat as your happy belly will be. You’d be hard pressed to find more variety in any other restaurant that’s this authentic.



White borscht and kielbasa. And mashed potatoes and bacon. $4.25. Do it.

F&J Pine Restaurant

F&J Pine Tavern

If you’re in a rush to overeat, there’s no better place than F&J Pine. Fast service and big meals are the name of the game at this Italian resto, so put on some sweatpants because you’re in for a marathon!

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