4 Restos, 1 Day: Denver Restaurants

UPDATE: This story was originally published on June 4, 2014.

Whether you’re staying in Denver for a vacation or because your flight has been delayed, these four Denver restaurants will keep you well fueled throughout the day.

Breakfast/Brunch: Syrup

4 Restos, 1 Day: Denver - Denver Restaurants
Time to wake up and hit your one of Denver’s restaurants, because it is time for some breakfast. Your mom always told you not to skip breakfast, and you really shouldn’t. Breakfast has a large impact on health including your endurance to get through the day, as well as helping to lower cholesterol, assuming you aren’t eating a doughnut everyday. So upgrade your breakfast and go to Syrup. Specializing in pancakes, they have also crafted over 30 different homemade syrups.

If you aren’t a pancake lover, don’t worry — you won’t be ostracized because their menu is also filled with creative twists on classics. This breakfast spot might not help you lower your cholesterol but, hey, a little indulgence here and there never hurt anyone.

Lunch: Sushi Den

4 Restos, 1 Day: Denver - Denver Restaurants

Next on our Denver restaurants list is a spectacular place, and although sushi is not Denver-specific, Sushi Den is and I promise you that you have never had sushi like this before. Located in the DU area, Sushi Den has been regarded as a top place in the United States for sushi. Flying in fish from one of Japan’s largest fish markets, Fukuoka, the ingredients are always authentic and fresh. To ensure locally sourced products year-round, Sushi Den built a 3000-square-foot solar-powered greenhouse on its farm in Brighton.

This is also the one place you have to stop for sake. Sake is similar to wine in the sense that pairing is important; not every sake goes with every meal. So become a sake enthusiast while eating the best sushi in Denver.

Dinner: Rioja

4 Restos, 1 Day: Denver - Denver Restaurants
For dinner we make our way downtown to dine at Rioja. The food is Mediterranean-style, made with local and seasonal products. The atmosphere at Rioja is simple with beautiful details as to not overstimulate the eyes. The open view to the kitchen allows you to watch these culinary artists create your meal, adding liveliness to the dining room area. Winner of the James Beard Foundation Award in 2013, words just can’t do this place justice. So stop in for an incredible dinner that will leave you speechless.

Dessert: Crave

4 Restos, 1 Day: Denver - Denver Restaurants
If you managed to leave room after Rioja, might we suggest stopping at Crave for dessert. Crave whips up some of the most scrumptious looking treats you will ever feast you eyes on. You will literally struggle on whether or not you actually want to ruin the picturesque dessert you just received, but thankfully we have Instagram to immortalize every great creation.

The worst part about going to Crave is that it isn’t buffet and unfortunately your dessert will disappear within 10 minutes of receiving it. Forget what was said earlier about saving room, do yourself a favor and go to Crave even if you need to do take-out, it’s worth every bite.

About the Author: Fernando Bendana