Mini Gluten Free Quiches: Spinach and Cheese

Mini quiches are the perfect 2 bite appetizer to serve at any get together and they’re made even easier with pre-prepared pie dough. This mini quiche recipe caters to any gluten intolerances by using Pillsbury’s gluten free pie dough. The baked dough is buttery and flaky, the perfect mold for a savory quiche.

Imagen: Getty Images

Imagen: Getty Images

These gluten free quiches are made with cheese and spinach, but they are extremely easy to customize. Stick to the base of eggs and cream and add anything you want to make the quiche your own! Try these winning combos: mushroom and asparagus, ham and cheese, bacon and swiss, spinach and cheese or corn and zucchini.

Video by Pillsbury

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