Video: How to Clean Your Cast Iron Pan

The cast iron pan is one of the chef’s best secrets for perfectly searing protein and adding flavor to every dish. It is very important to know that a cast iron pan should be treated differently than a normal non-stick pan. By nature the cast iron isn’t non-stick but by using it and building up oil in the pan it will become non-stick.

Cleaning your cast iron pan is also very different from a normal pan as you should never scrub it with soap. This will break down the pan as well as remove any oil and flavor that has been building up, which is a good thing.

Scrub your pan with hot water and salt to remove any stubborn bits of food. Let it dry completely over a burner then rub it with your preferred oil (olive oil and coconut oil work well). This not only seasons your pan but will help keep it non-stick.

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Video by The Kitchn.

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