Five Latinas Favorite Liquors

women drinking

Women are unpredictable, and a lot of you may ask yourselves; what do women like to drink? This is why this article has key information for you. It gives some insight on which liquors are preferred by Latinas. Men if you are reading this, pay attention. Next time, you will be able to identify the best liquor for your date and the occasion.


Originally appeared as Los Cinco Licores Preferidos por las Mujeres Latinas on La Voz Daily.



Believe it or not, the preferred liquor for Latinas on a day of socializing and spending time with friends on a hot day, is an ice cold beer.



As a second choice, Latinas consider a tequila shot with lemon and salt, as the best option when they are in the mood for mingling at a fun party.



Cocktails are any women’s favorite, especially when it comes to hanging out with friends, or when on an intimate date. These drinks come in a variety of flavors: sweet, sour, or strong; that complement each woman’s personality. At the same time, cocktails are visually attractive and add elegance and importance to the moment.



Red Wine glass and Bottle

Women love wine, but it all depends on the occasion. It is an intimate liquor, excellent to complement a good dinner or a date with your significant other.

Whiskey cream


This delicious liquor takes the fifth position for Latinas. The whiskey cream is soft and sweet; perfect for family reunions, or for a night of fun with the girls.



About the Author: Camila Becerra'